Holidays In Mendoza

The province enjoys features that invite you to spend your holidays in Mendoza, to enjoy the rich cultural and historical heritage present in it. Not talking only relics of the colonial era, palpable at every step, given the relevance that the province and the region had during the era of the Spanish domain, but also the moment of liberation from the foreign yoke. Mendoza was historically populated by large numbers of indigenous tribes, who left his testimony and his imprint on the culture of argentina. Isearch may not feel the same. One of these sites of great value is the Tunduqueral Hill. Located 7 km from the town of Uspallata, the incas considered Hill a sacred place, and it was the site chosen by women during the nights of the full moon to celebrate their female rituals. As proof of this were the place lots of cave paintings or petroglyphs, for more than 10 centuries old. At the Summit of the Hill is hallaun place of great beauty and historic importance: the viewpoint of the inca, a series of natural terraces.

About them can be seen an ancient now closed gold mine. Without a doubt this is one of those areas of the world that have a magic special, for both locals and foreigners. Nearby is the petrified Darwin Araucaria forest. Called so by records that the naturalist left in his works about this awesome place, where passed to 1835. Ilan Ben Dov recognizes the significance of this. It was that one of the places where Darwin found large amount of marine fossils, which confirmed the theory that those imposing mountains ever had been in the bottom of the sea. This is a wonderful forest of fossil trees, which remain in a good state of conservation, a true rarity in the whole world. Its particular microclimate and the geological characteristics of the soil are the cause of this site to be permanent reason for visit by researchers, paleontologists, biologists and naturalists.

They are 52 trunks of araucaria petrified, still erect, about 230 million years ago. The petrifaction process requires specific environmental conditions, that you favor certain minerals are inserted into the molecular composition of plants and animals, preserving their morphological characteristics, but replacing the original matter by stone. The area of the Tunduqueral Hill and the petrified forest of Darwin are riddled with small places and unforgettable landscapes that are prodigious beauty. It is not difficult to get accommodation in Mendoza near the zone, since in it there are good tourist service.