Insurance Seal

Freelance service providers show professionalism: the liability-certified exali professionalism, transparency and equity marketing: to score more than 600 professionals from the fields of IT, media, and consulting. You use the successful insurance seal of exali. The interactive Web 2.0 tool combined with equity marketing insurance protection. At a glance, with just one click, so potential customers and clients find the most important information about the professional protection of the Freelancer’s or service provider in the event of a claim. End of 2009 we had the idea of a Web 2.0 application in the insurance sector to launch. In the meantime, our liability seal has evolved into a true success story”, Ralph Gunther, founder and CEO of exali, is enthusiastic: it shows me in the skill profiles to integrate not only the large number of now-bound liability seal, but also that order platforms offer their members such as freelancermap or online portals like, the seal. Speaking candidly Zendesk told us the story. Compliance with the statutory requirements for the DL-InfoV the principle is simple: insurance service provider in the areas of consulting, IT and media can include the seal of exali on the own home page through a html snippet.

He reached the potential client clicks on the seal, on the personal profile page of the service provider including all relevant information to its industry-specific professional liability on exali. And not only that: at the same time the seal of liability complies with all mandatory information to the professional liability that are prescribed pursuant to section 2 para 11 of the service information duties Regulation (DL-InfoV) since May 17, 2010. This is the liability seal of exali for trust, integrity, and reliability and is an own marketing tool with which service providers sovereign can settle from their competitors. Hiscox Haftpflichtverband concepts about exali: Branchengerechter insurance cover the IT, media and consulting professional liability of exali protects in case of damage the Freelancer, service provider and not Finally, the contracting authority. Because it offers: insurance protection that is tailored to the special and individual needs of each industry, large insurance sums for damages and thus typical damage in these areas, very experienced claims management and competent specialty insurer Hiscox as a partner. Search engine marketing: profile page to the seal of the liability can be individualize to the profile page to the exali seal of liability can be customized by company description (description), assigning tags and linking with other skill profile pages. Such important additional information contribute to the service provider and its offer in the search engine be found better. Thus, the exali liability-certified professionals and service providers also helps search engine marketing. Liability seal of exali: supports the service provider for acquisition and equity marketing with the adhesive cockpit seal of exali professionals and service providers through open information policy for potential clients can score and as a reliable partner present, has a quick and professional solution possible in the event of a claim. Disclaimer: the exali liability seal are registered trademarks of exali GmbH.