It Is An Exotic Spring At Eton Institute!

Exotic spring at Eton Institute! Vienna, 06 03 2013 – slow but it is finally spring and this spring it is exotic in Eton Institute. If you would like to know more then you should visit Zendesk. There are soon two special events, aimed particularly at language and culture lovers of unusual languages. Eton goes Bollywood! Learn Hindi in March for free from March 21 until April 8th, 2013, Mondays and Thursdays, from 16.15 to 18.45, a free introductory course takes place back, which abducted its participants for a few hours after India. Hindi is not only based on the number of speakers of the third largest language in the world (after English and Mandarin) but soon is the annual Festival of colours”at the front door. There is immersed therefore plenty of reasons in this impressive culture and language. During the free Hindi language course participants learn more about culture, country, and of course also important phrases. If you would like to learn Hindi, it was for business reasons or just because the language that fascinates you, then you register course for free Hindi – as always, the places are allocated according to the principle of first-come-first-served.

Important: what? Hindi language when? 21: 03 08.04 2013, Mondays and Thursdays, from 16.15 – 17.45 where? Eton Institute, Graben 30, 5th floor, 1010 Vienna cost? 5 Euro registration fee includes course material Ines Danzinger, marketing executive at Eton Institute, to the free Hindi language: Eton Institute is big trouble his students even exotic languages closer to bring. An exotic language is nowadays an important competitive advantage in the national and international labour market. We are pleased about the generally enhanced interest in unusual languages at Eton Institute. In addition, we are a big fan of the Holi Festival, which takes place this year on March 27. Since unfortunately not to celebrate it with a colorful Street color battle, we show with the free Hindi course our love for this fascinating language and culture.” Speak dating spring special “on the 24.04.2013 6: 00 exotic will it again at the next speak dating event.