Message Conquests

Message with dynamics (Activity that could be used in opening meetings) dear Ol () We are you give to start our day, and therefore, nothing more interesting than to initiate it presenteando to all vocs with one lembracinha, it is simple, but it is of heart, it keeps it uses and it with affection; Papa of the Sky asked for that I delivered you. In it we find: emotions, peace, happinesses, health, love, success, hopes, conquests, knowledge, wisdom and everything that has of better. Everything this, in is conferred, from this DVD where it is possible to get emotions and to reflect peace in the heart; chocolates, already we know that in them it brings health and sensation of happiness and love (thus it says science); a chaveiro, where you will place the keys of the doors that will open for its success; a penxs to trace the objectives where its hopes are enclosed; a goblet, to offer the conquests that still will be reached; a diploma (symbolic), that they are gratefulness for this so pleasant hours of working, in it are the knowledge and the wisdom. These yes, qualify in them for the life, therefore we very learn with the tasks day to day and to be thankful the team friends, is basic for our process of learning and consequentemente, for our continuity while human being. I wait sincerely that walked ours until it has not been here in go and would like that you forever took all knowledge acquired here and that this is not stanches, but yes, either only the start of much more that still will come for there! An excellent hours of working for all we!