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The \”Voluntary self-regulation for the pharmaceutical industry e.V.\” Association \”Voluntary self-regulation for the pharmaceutical industry e.V.\” publishes annual report 2009 (FSA) draws a positive balance sheet for the year 2009 in its current annual report. Through intensive education and effective sanctioning the FSA codes have established themselves as a measure of ethical behavior in the research-based pharmaceutical industry. The awareness of the need for ethical pharmaceutical marketing has prevailed in the industry, the freiwillige Selbstkontrolle could further expand their meaning to the public. The FSA with the present annual report gives an overview of the successful work in the year under review. The code provisions have established themselves as a standard.

The number of complaints has dropped in 2009 as a whole, 30 proceedings were opened in the period under review. A sign that the code provisions are increasingly observed by the company. Check out Color for additional information. Also the reputation of the FSA in public increased continued, pointing to the Example, the increasing number of non-members and third parties, the complaints have submitted. The basic regulations were the subject of complaints, in the past it is today mainly to its concrete interpretation. This underlines that the company generally observe strict ethical rules of the game. \”The company of the research-based pharmaceutical industry committed in the FSA for a transparent and ethical marketing. This internal, well-established structures in the companies are becoming increasingly important because they will give orientation in your daily work with the codes of the employees\”, stressed the FSA Chairman Michael Klein. He is convinced: \”In the long term only the company will succeed, who align their behavior with the high ethical standards and the rules.\” Tailwind is the FSA increasingly also from political institutions. The Hessian Minister for work, family and health, Jurgen Banzer, in his welcoming speech to the FSA annual report notes: \”optimistic the successes to date. I’m good things, that the Voluntary self-monitoring body for a major turnout position with the codes \”Professionals\” and \”Patient organization\” has made, to bring about a change in behavior among the Member companies.\” Banzer in the consistent activity of the FSA sees a welcome complement to Government measures, \”which closes a control gap.\” The FSA Managing Director Michael Grusa is pleased that member companies increasingly reach out to in advance of planned measures on the FSA, to clarify open questions of the codes: \”we can avoid from the outset illicit practices and code violations that.