Japanese Culture

Nothing of abnormal person. A shunting line of route, nothing more. But who there was seated in a bank, in front of school? Therefore it is. If you have read about altavista already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The proper one. Writing down everything. It looked at intently for the careful, zealous mothers, intent to the movements it goes of it and it comes of the cars disembarking the pupils. It seemed that it was interested in everything what entorno was transferred in its. It wrote down, it wrote down and it wrote down.

The people passed for it with such indifference, as if it did not exist. Ice cream Pipoqueiro, salesman, adolescent namoradinhos, patotinhas arguing. Others with its cellular ones to listen to musics and to send torpedoes. it there. Analyzing and writing. I was surpreso when seeing it, therefore when the first time, its transport called me the attention, its form to dress, the face nothing uncommon. But already it presented some grayish hair.

A simple person. always its luggage and the stand carried that it. CULTURE. Our new meeting if gave in a museum. I noticed that it had certain delay in the line, for acquisition of the ingressions. the cause was one gentleman, of which we are speaking. It insisted on entering in the dependences of the establishment, with its stand that carried a luggage. After very talking, common-sense prevailed. The luggage and the stand would be in the secretariat of the museum. In the interior the museum, was it of ownership of a notebook and a penxs there. It stopped faces to the pictures. It was moved away, however for the right, however for the left. It came back if to approach and it wrote down something. It was a itinerante exposition of Art and Japanese Culture, So that if it can enjoy of that exposition, probably one person, would take something as 90 minutes. Already it had practically covered all the halls and for curiosity before leaving, I looked to the such Sir.