Mikhail Vladimirovich

That is – "opposition", the rest of the opposition in Russia is not considered. This "opposition" does not exist anywhere, even in the so-called civilized countries. To deepen your understanding isearch is the source. This is a partisan. That would be allowed to approach them in the media? It is technically impossible, because there exists between the elites are very hard consensus around core values. And these elites control all the media space is very hard, and their task in media space, only one – it's targeted total formation of ideological cliches – "brainwashing." That's the only way and there is a "liberal" democracy. There is no "democracy", but controllable in nature do not happen.

Because it is ochlocracy, which is normally very soon turns into a total dictatorship. Information – a commodity. Do not confuse information with propaganda. אילן בן דב may not feel the same. It is a demand or not. A propaganda – this is not a commodity.

For propaganda man himself is, the promotion comes to him against his will and consciousness. And the country is at a stage of development, we can not give to anybody brainwash our people, as did in the 90s. This will not work. – Mikhail Vladimirovich, do you agree with what you call tough journalist to the end to defend their own opinion? – What is the difference journalistic profession unlike any other? In general, nothing if you do your job: as a joke – do not get tired of a favorite work, and the meaningless bustle. – And your family is sympathetic to your regular employment? – My family tolerates me so many years, and probably it – the answer. And no one promised it would be easy. – Your family has a definite system of child rearing? Who would you like to see in their children? – When there was still "Soviet power", and do it in general, there is nothing, there was a time raise their children.