Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner optimizes your PC by removing the errors of the same, so that your computer again be as before in speed and memory. Why the computer is slower and has more errors?. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore. In most cases this problem is caused by errors in the registry, accumulated over time. The origin of these errors are due to the installation and uninstallation of programs that inadvertently leave behind fragments detrimental to the good performance of the computer, others are starting programs that are useless and corrupt drivers. Registry problems common to know are: reducing speed, freezing of the system, blue screen, system reboots irregular, error messages, clean viruses, spyware, etc. The registry cleaner, review the errors and conflicts, which are repaired, optimizing it to its highest level. What is stored in the records?; Saved data from the installed programs and other data such as: the resources it needs to be installed (on disk drive), its own libraries (dll files), etc.

When you install a program, the installer of it goes straight there to record and save everything you need to make it work. Each time you start your computer the registry is read and that's where the poroblemas notice, we must not forget that the new virus in general keep their data in the register, and to turn the PC on the reading of the record search and put in memory and a variety of things between her viruses. The registry cleaner that does is look and check if what is in the record exists in the HDD. So if there is no longer given the cleaner software deletes everything related to it in the record, they are characterized by the ability of verification. To avoid any inconvenience it is advisable before applying a registry cleaner to back up the registry, usually do automatically, such programs, but better to be cautious and does not take long. Regular scans will keep the records clean and give dynamism to the system. All this is accomplished in just two minutes.