Reliable Organization

In early 1998 he published his book-Quality and Me (his autobiography) and subsequently The Reliable Organization in late 1999. Philip Crosby died in August 2001. He has written several books more than ten books in his career, the first (best seller) was Quality is Free or the quality does not cost. Other important books have been The absolutes of Leadership or the absolutes of quality. For the four absolutes of quality are: performance measurement system standard definition. He has bequeathed in addition their steps of management of quality according to their experience which are: 1. establishing the commitment in the direction or in the quality 2.

The team for the improvement of quality 3. Train the staff of quality 4. Establish quality 5 measurements. Assess the costs of quality 6. Raise awareness of quality 7. Take corrective action 8. Plan the day zero defects 9. Celebrate the day zero defects 10 Set goals 11.

Eliminate the causes of the error 12. Give awards 13. Form 14 quality tips. Repeat the process their seisC and their three T, that are: the six C of CROSBY: 1. comprension2. Competencia3. Compromiso4. Comunicacion5. Correccion6. ContinuidadLAS three CROSBYTiempo talent TesoroCrosby T gives us also, that all work is a process. This concept implies that every job or task should be regarded not as something isolated; but as part of an interwoven chain in which the next trilogia: goes by multiplying Suppliers and inputs that it provides. Process carried out through each person’s work. Customers or users who receive the product or service.To ensure the quality required in inputs, labour and in the products or services established requirements are met to ensure a proper functioning in all. Quality, defined as the requirements, is one of the principles proposed by Crosby.