Salzburg Workers

This event is part of the Husqvarna Cup BBs, a Bewerbsserie with a total of six events nationwide for the first time held as a Cup event in Styria, Austria. The events team with organization Chief Wolfgang Zelzer opted for Aigen i. Ennstal. Expect a field here with Austrian and international runners. Is analyzed in various classes (General, rural youth, U-23 and team), to increase the incentive for a numerous participation.

With the support of the teaching and Forschugszentrums Raumberg-Gumpenstein is particularly noteworthy. In seven different disciplines, the forestry workers make their skill in working with a chain saw and AX. Assessed is by experienced arbitrators, with a special emphasis on work safety. The other competitions for the Husqvarna Cup held in Carinthia, lower Austria, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. Because it is a professional competition for forestry workers, viewers can look forward already now on high-class services. At the same time, the event is an event where the local forestry meets. For all viewers is a great program, with organized by the fire brigade Aigen i. Enns valley under the baton of HBI Manfred Tiefenbacher.

Among others an indoor acres takes on July 23, 2010″with straw disco instead. Everything in the character of the best forestry skilled workers that will deliver a great show for the spectators is available from July 24. For more information on, or. huki