European Wood

Wooden box on the design resembles a window PVC. And in both cases we have the box and unshared sash with glass. Where the similarity ends there. Odnoramnoe eurowinows received the greatest spread due to convenience and safety of use, variety of shapes and sizes, finishes beauty, ecology and high rates of noise and heat protection. Production of wooden euro-windows starts with manufacturing glued window beam of a certain way of sawn and dried wood. Bruce fused from irreproachable wood profiled on CNC machines, and from these profiles, the connection "Sheep eye" going to the box and sash windows of the future. Then carefully sanded blank window and enter the painter's camera. Painting chamber window antiseptic, soil, connecting joints are handled specially weatherproof compound, and finally covered with lacquer finishing in 2 layers.

Of course as a special varnish, elastic and vapor permeable. After drying is to hang hardware, install windows and the window is ready to ship consumer. We should add that only careful compliance processes at each stage of manufacture of the window allows you to produce windows that will delight you with trouble-free operation and flawless exterior view for many years. Also, for the best quality, we use exclusively imported, European accessories. Wooden box made of pine are the most economical. This explains the widespread prevalence of pines on the territory of Russia, occupying about 1 / 6 the area of all forests.

Due to the small proportion of wood, pine is Freecutting material. Weight box made of pine wood is lighter than larch and oak, which provides less strain on the hardware. Wooden windows of larch – is the golden mean between the windows of pine and oak on the natural characteristics and price range. Larch – genus of coniferous pine trees of the family, the only deciduous tree among the evergreen conifers. Larch wood with a large reddish nucleus and a narrow pale sapwood, in contrast to the wood of pine and spruce, more solid, high strength, has the properties of natural antiseptic, thus avoid the formation of mold and mildew. Wood density 650-720 kg / cubic meter. Larch has a unique aesthetic qualities. Has natural reddish hue. Wooden box made of oak has long been prized for their beauty, strength and durability. Solid, strong oak wood has a smart, well-textured fibers, with a powerful stand out patterns and resistance to environmental factors. Oak wood has a rich color of the noble-dominated color from light brown to greenish-brown. The beauty of the windows of the oak highlights toning and varnishing. Oak windows have high strength, which increases the resistance to mechanical stress, shock, scratch. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is often quoted on this topic. Density and hardness of the oak is higher than that of pine in 2-2,5 times.