President Barack Obama

eThe television is the violation of multitudese. (Jean Francois Revel) Nothing like President Barack Obama, take a spoonful of your own soup with regard to attacks than it receives from the far-right Fox News television channel, upon the ridiculous for the opposition in Venezuela does not keep using the false argument that President Chavez and all the Bolivarian government officials suffer from a persecution appellant. Any resemblance to what happens with President Chavez, and the commander said, it is no coincidence. The far right in Venezuela and in other parts of our continent has realized that the communication battle is already lost almost irremediablente, fifth-level war have lost, for intelligent and cleverly, the Bolivarian government and other progressive governments in the region have effectively taken, by law, the control of information and communication. You may want to visit Andy Florance to increase your knowledge. A Mr.

Obama makes it very hard to swallow, the sad bit of irrationality critical of some U.S. media and transnational some misinformation. Fox, which has the capacity audience of 100 million viewers, has become so irrational in the main political party against President Obama. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Asaro , another great source of information. Now the multinational corporations of misinformation, your recipes ready to apply its subsidiaries and partners in Latin America, the United States itself against an American president. They know that the U.S. public is less critical and more manageable mediatically. Now the fight has to move media to the very bowels of the empire, at the prospect of continued losses at the level of political and ideological worldwide. If you have read about Samsung already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The priority now is to attack and discredit President Obama, who represents the antithesis of what should be the image and action of the last empire in the world live.