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places to visit Welcome to Tourism Boco. Here you will have your best holiday winter or summer, visiting because Boco is a beautiful rural place for family fun. It has camping areas, soccer field, heated pools, extreme sports on the airfield, very good restaurants adventure travel and tennis courts. There is also horseback riding through the hills, vegetation and a great peace visitor and tranquility amidst nature. turist There are parties for all ages in tourist board the Eden and tourist traveling park, destination there tourist information are also detours each month. Welcome to Boco’s bureau Tourism.Here you will have your better winters or summer’s holydays Because sights Boco is a rural visitors beautiful place to spend brochures the time in family. It has camping’s zones, sightseeing attractions soccer’s fields, swimming pools attraction tempered, extreme sports in a little airport, very good restaurants and tennis’s attractions fields. Also there are ride horses for the hills, excellent vegetation sightseeing and very much tranquility and peace in travel guide the middle of nature. travel There are parties for people in the tourist tourist attractions park “The Eden” and, also there are rodeos every month.