Advantages Avoid unnecessary

Advantages Avoid unnecessary transfer of patients that can be addressed on the site of origin with constant advice of the specialist physician. Reduces the costs associated with patient transfer (costs of basic ambulances or other transportation). Reduces the risks associated with transfer for both the patient and the medical and paramedical staff. Increases safety and confidence of the medical staff in hospitals to support the conditions and characteristics of referrals. Consultancies enables physicians support hospital in relation to the management prior to shipment and on the proper way to do it. Optimize the use of technical and professional resources in all hospital levels of care to enable proper classification of the severity of the pathology of a given patient. Allows enabling virtual completion triage prioritizing the most urgent cases, especially in situations where resource availability is very limited. Provides comprehensive patient care and promotes universal access to all levels of care. Fosters academic training and retraining of health personnel at all levels of care, through the implementation of videoconferencing on medical matters done by professionals from their workplace. Promotes the improvement of the situation when contrarremisiones proficiency level of patient care has been settled. Improving the quality of care. Promotes equity drawing attention to isolated areas and promotes universal access to all levels of care.