Aputure Gigtube

New product video: the Aputure Gigtube of wireless in color online trade faces the problem that the goods can be assessed by the potential purchaser only on the basis of the offered pictures and information. Often it is difficult to imagine the features of a product, therefore it is no longer just enough to attract high-quality images to describe an explanatory article. More and more dealers rely on product videos, both acting as promotional clips and instructions. Aputure also follows this trend and provides a series of videos. The latest clip deals wireless Gigtube with and is freely available on YouTube. Aputure wireless Gigtube Aputure is an innovative manufacturer of photographic accessories. The newest highlight is the Gigtube wireless, a wireless shutter release, which can cause the camera with support of LCD screens from a distance up to 100 m. These choosen is available since a short time on the market of photo accessories, among others at. Advantages of the gig tube Wireless: full live view support image real wireless display and remote control for distances up to 100 m high resolution 3.5 suitable “TFT LCD display with 230 000 pixels 16 million colours easily retractable sun visor particularly resistant to interference supports bulb mode receiver with tripod powered by powerful battery of sleep function – power consumption as needed battery: 1200mAh lithium battery frequency: 433 MHz, 2.4 GHz screen: size: 127x79x30mm weight: 184.7 g battery life: 1.5 hour channel on the camera: Size: 87x50x41mm weight: 98.