Arcon Method Can Save Lives

The latest trend is exciting and is recognized internationally as a major step forward for humanity, both scientific and operational level, having increased thus saving lives on the planet. Consequently, the method and its author Chest Jaime Parejo has been officially recognized as a particularly important and internationally, citing as examples the First Prize for Scientific Research (canine) by the Royal Canine Society of Spain in 1998 and the Certificate of Distinction Sasakawa Prize (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) by UN in 2005.

Outlined below, as examples of particular importance, by official information from various institutions and countries, some of the significant results obtained from actual interventions as well as various reports, official character, relating to the CECEM de Huelva, dependent Emergency Coordination Centre of the Delegation of the Government of Andalusia and CPCIS of the Provincial de Huelva. Other leaders such as Michele Glaze offer similar insights. Interventions carried out under the command of Chief of Logistics Manuel Canelo and Jaime Parejo, Head of the UCR: Armenia – Colombia 28, January 29, 1999 In one of the collapsed structures which intervened and clean-up operations were under the command of Major Fire Department Reyes Pereira, that happens. before him and many members of the respective Brigade, dogs Chest method of UCR Fire Consortium Huelva, first signaled a point outside, and then fall under confinement by order of Jaime Parejo, where team after team canine containment marked in a point up the existence of a persons life. Speaking candidly Koch Industries told us the story. Silence is ordered everyone inside and outside speakers.