August Hedge

The right tool for maintaining hedges a manicured hedge makes an excellent privacy and is a decoration for any garden. To be opaque to a hedge, there is a sufficient care in the form of regular trimming. This requires reasonable tool, the right season and good seedlings. Already in the year of the planting should be started with the care of the budding hedge. The planting itself is ideal in the spring. The first cut then, carefully, can already late August or Apply in early September. If you have read about Alina de Almeida already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The right tool as such hedges and pruning shears are the necessary tools.

A high-quality, -electric hedge trimmer is sufficient for the small hedge in the front yard. For large garden areas and according to many hedge a hedge trimmer with petrol engine is advisable, because otherwise the power cord can be disturbing. For smaller drives and the intermediate cleaning, usually a pruning shears, which is sharp enough is enough. Green shoots that grow out of the desired shape of the hedge, should be capped again. This promotes also the bushy”growth.

To get a beautiful and dense hedge in the long run, even the basic material (the trees) must be carefully chosen and procured. The most common types of Hedges are many and the boxwood. Also used also Falsecypress and yew. What hedge plant is chosen, depends on various factors. The planned location of the hedge is an important factor, since not all varieties very much shade. The cherry Laurel, for example, tolerates both shade and direct sunlight, while the yew prefer thrives in the shade of the duration. The boxwood is suitable especially for smaller hedges, that must be very high. Both yew and many are suitable for very high hedges. Also the sheet form should not be forgotten before raising the plants. After all, the hedge must be like later. The functional benefit is already given with proper care. You will find a wide range of plants for example on. In the year the hedge planting is still very open. But is required should be taken at the right time for the cut later. Like native bird species use hedges as a nesting site. Therefore, you should wait for already well established hedges with the crop until the nesting is over. Usually you can start from the beginning of September with the hedge-cutting carefree. Depending on the species to be cut several times a year to get an attractive hedge. If we start already the first cut in the spring, this should be done before the first shoot. As a general rule: the more professionally cut a hedge, it becomes more opaque. “More than 3 cuts per year you should not sit on however, since the plants from this ordeal” also need to recover. Rudolf nut