View of a baseball field.
Baseball (baseball than English) is a sport played between two teams of 9 players each. It is considered one of the most popular sports in the United States, Japan (Asian champion and twice World Champion), Canada, South Korea (Olympic Champion), Taiwan, Cuba (Pan American champion), Australia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Netherlands (European champions), Dominican Republic, Colombia, Italy and Venezuela. The countries considered in this sport powers are concentrated in the Americas (North, Central, Caribbean and Venezuela, located in the South) and Asia, where European and African continents behind a good example in the case of Holland, followed by Italy and in africa where only include the selection of South Africa with some good talent.
It is played on a large field of grass (with the exception of the area where the offensive players to reach the bases are located at the vertices of the square area called the diamond, and note line called the corridor and the area of the pitcher where the field is a mound of earth).
The object is to hit a ball with a bat (batting), moved through the field and run across the earth’s internal field (infield) for achieving the highest possible number of bases to give back to the base from where batting (home) and achieve the so called scoring run, while defensive players seek to eliminate the batted ball player hitting the ball or other runners, before these come first to any of the bases and get career scoring (see Rules for details of the game).
The team scoring more runs after nine (9) episodes, called the meeting lasting innings, is what wins. If at the end of nine innings scores level persists regular racing, the game runs as necessary for there to be a winner, according to the basic rules of the game there is a tie, which is allowed only for amateurs and children’s leagues to limit the wear on the players.
Typical baseball scene.
Unlike other sports that are played with balls, such as soccer, which is also known as football or basketball, also known as basketball, although “baseball” could be translated into Spanish, the habit of using root form of English, might give the sensation of a strange name phonetically: the translation would have to be pelotabase or bolabase, although in some Hispanic countries is usually called colloquially as the ball game or just ball.
Moreover, one of the characteristics that distinguish the other baseball team sports is that in this defense is the one with the ball.
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Collectible card of a player of the nineteenth century.
It is clear that modern baseball development in the U.S., although the exact origin of the game is difficult to determine. Most scholars believe that baseball evolved from a variety of similar games. A popular legend tells that Abner Doubleday, who became official in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865), invented baseball in Cooperstown (New York) in 1839. Although there is currently no support for this myth, the Hall of Fame and National Baseball Museum are located in Cooperstown.
There is evidence that people played games with a stick and a ball since the dawn of civilization. Ancient cultures in Persia, Egypt and Greece, played games involving a stick and a ball for recreation and as part of certain ceremonies. Games of this type spread throughout the Middle Ages throughout Europe and became popular in various forms. Europeans made similar games in its colonies in America by the fifteenth century. However, they were regarded as children’s games until the sixteenth century.
There, despite the popular version of the originof baseball created by Doubleday, numerous references to the terms “baseball” and “bat-and-ball” in documents of the early eighteenth century. The origin of baseball in reality should be defined as the evolution of baseball, because based on what historians of the game have been found, is a derivation of the game ‘stool ball’ that dates from the Middle Ages and, in turn, the ‘stool ball’ Game comes rituals practiced in the ancient world. The first reference of the term ‘base ball’ is given in 1744 just under 100 years before Abner Doubleday supposedly invented in Cooperswton, New York in 1839.
Emerged in England in 1744 the first printed evidence of the game ‘Base Ball’ which was published in a book of children’s games.