Publishing Omercado of books is bigger of what of Italy, with more than 50 a thousand new headings to each year. 14. Brazil has the most modern banking system of the planet. 15. The Brazilian advertising agencies gain the best and bigger prizes world-wide.

16. Brazil is today third bigger democracy of the world. 17. According to OMS (World-wide Organization of Health), Brazil meets as 3 bigger agricultural exporter of the world, behind only of United States and European Union. 18. Sony has many thoughts on the issue. Brazil possesss the biggest bovine flock of the world, with 198 million heads. 19. In the external market Brazil answers for 25% of the world-wide exportations of rude sugar and fine sugar.

She is the world-wide leader in the soy exportations, and is responsible for 80% of the orange juice of the planet. 20. Although all mazelas, the Congress is punishing its proper members, what rare it occurs in other said countries civilized. 21 – In May of 2011, Brazil had US$ 211,4 billion (about R$ 333 billion) applied in headings of the American government, value that growth of 30,89% in one represents and keeps Brazil as fifth external deserving greater of the United States? behind China, Japan, Great-Britain and a group of exporting countries of oil. Other sources disclose that: * Brazil is 3 bigger producer of fruits; * She is the third bigger manufacturer of airplane; * Bigger producer of knowledge is 13. * Brazil locks up 2010 with 202,9 million cellular. The Brazilian government has currently (2010) about U$ 200 billion in international reserves. Brazil is the country most powerful of the South America and possesss as the bigger industrial park in Americas. The country, as gains 19 millionaire per day. It currently has 137 a thousand millionaire and 30 bilionrios. more: According to The world Fact Book 2010, (), Brasil 9 bigger economy of the world.