” jutawan ‘BURGER BAR SX-0820 MACARENA Transfer directory burger bar and berhad tapas. There are toilets, licenses a day, shoarma machine, iron chrome, hood, fryer, oven, cash register, cutter, tel. Own, freezer, front desk, refrigerator, 20 banquetas.Veladores in calle.Oportunidad self-employment for 2 people. Business trade after 8 years of perniagaan work. JOSE TORRES JAVIER 955113462 672017427 langkawi LEASE: buat duit 35,000 ‘RENT: kuala 411’ page.php ‘Id 20993321andg duit internet 6 sevilla/macarena-cruz-roja-5762069.htm ‘idAnuncio pendapatan international 3835049andtipo company 5”’ PIZZERIA perak IN THE REPOSITORY FOR LEASE SX-0853. In the Aljarafe without marketing competition. johor bahru Local economy 300mA usahawan tourism with capacity of 100 people, sabah Salon winter strategy and summer. . . Storage room, sambilan kitchen and bar clearance. Pizza oven, mixers, bread oven, conventional oven, deep fryers, irons, microwaves, 4congeladores, kereta 2camaras, jalan tpv, bell, alarm, to get a return on investment sales 2motosreparto.Excelente little tiempo.Muchas possibilities of extension of the areas of sales by telephone. JOSE TORRES JAVIER 955113462 672017427 LEASE: 40,000 celcom ‘RENT: 525”’ ‘EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL selangor AGENCY FOR LEASE SX-0857 travel maylasia agency. To a large shopping area corporate without competition. Local 80mA , warehouse of 14mA. Licensed, sarawak financial nica agency investment in the hotel area and johor with great projection melaka of future.2 Air conditioning frigo F / C, according to regulations.

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Business Communication kuching Essentials (4th Edition) by Courtland uptrend Bovee and John V. management Thill (Paperback – Jan 7, 2009)