Buying A Car

About domestic cars I can say that the first thing that deters them from buying – the price. In particular, for himself or considered buying Maza mzkt (Volot). Eg for 2-3 year old truck Maze asked by 1200000r and forth, and the mileage on it already from 100-150 thousand km some have already replaced the engine or box. Plus the price is that we are inferior to the performance characteristics of the Chinese – the tonnage of cargo 20t (MAZ 5516), and greater fuel consumption mzkt also cheap, 2-3 years of 1300000r, but he did not let a Chinese in terms of body and weight of cargo, the only loss in fuel consumption and of course that runs from them, too, starting from 100 000 km. About our auto repairs – plus their availability of spare parts and the availability of competent craftsmen who can repair quickly. Pete Cashmore often says this. About the price of parts and their quality, I think our cars are at the level of spare parts for Chinese cars. From European manufacturers declined almost immediately. Too great a risk, buying used car, get on the dead man instance, and spare parts for evropeek roads, and many have to wait to order. Contact information is here: Pete Cashmore.

It turns out that the money will be spent and the impact of any vehicle or All returns will be smearing costly repairs. I think a lot depends on what kind of car gets caught, it does not matter new or used, some of our not buying a new Masa, and ride relatively easily, without major breakdowns, working in a word, and some come across such (even new ones) – that rained without end and without beginning, and most of the car earned money is spent on repairs. I think that the Chinese principle of such acts, because as the build quality on their level of our car industry, or in places a little higher. And to sum up my reasoning to say that most likely, in recent years, more inclined to purchase Chinese truck. The machine will still still new, ie chance that will get a good copy great + warranty because some dealers give any, will ask for that at least someone. Yes, and characteristics of the Chinese auto good, but we must not get carried away and not to overload, carefully operate and maintain the time, and be sure to look for a good driver, this also depends on how many passes at any sale – the Russian, Chinese or European vehicle. Thanks to all who read these reflections. We will continue to follow with interest the experience of operation of the Chinese cars.