Car Registration

From 1 January this year entered into force "lite" procedure of registration of cars imported into Russia in disassembled form. New procedure for registration of vehicles will be produced on a single list models of Japanese cars. The new list includes more than 200 basic models of Japanese cars. All other regulations in force up to this point, now repealed. Read the list and download it on your computer, please visit .ru. Decree of the General Directorate of Traffic Police set procedure for replacement components and assemblies for foreign cars. This procedure is in common parlance is called "bringing the car under the tcp (under Documents)" or "bringing Design ".

The new procedure involves replacement of major components and chassis of the car based only on the base model car. The list has not included some car models with a combined engine, or "Hybrids". The only restriction in the range imposed on the modified-duty vehicle. It can not increase by more than 40%. If the vehicle model is not listed, there is opportunity to recharge, but it must appeal to the U.S. institution, which is developing the document, or a main committee of the traffic police.