Christmas In The GDR – A Childhood Memory

I had toquietly into me, what would probably be today Three days ago I was screened with Thomas 12 kilos of flour, we wanted to remind us once again to our childhood days and had called friends to a large Stollenbacken. I remember as if it were yesterday: the grandmother had kneaded Stollenteig and then we had the big bowl with dough on the carriage drove to the bakery of the small village to bake it there too. The best part was that stood in the market a beautiful decorated fir, she shone in the darkness and had lovely red balls. It had to be so, that Santa Claus would come soon. Meanwhile, all the friends had arrived. Once there was mulled wine, yes, finally we had to strengthen them for baking. Annette asked: “Have you got all the ingredients” “Yes,” I replied “it was downright boring, a big discount stores – and you just get everything!” Thomas showered mere 2.5 pounds raisins with rum and said kriegste Everythingnot, or there were some, the wonderful green Cuban oranges By the way, cheers comrades, where I have just the rum in my hand! “We laughed:” No, that s not there! There were oranges in all varieties, and I had not even hesitate, “” My God, how boring, “added Claus” there is nothing that one can take from Berlin in the republic, banana gibts indeed everywhere. ” Marlis looked at us in amazement: “What kind of green oranges” “Oh yes, Marlis Wessi our quota, so watch out, we want you to tell time, as it was Christmas,” said Thomas, looking at her and had to laugh: it had been friends for three years, and yet there were many things that they did not know each other. Christmas at BAUR “So Christmas in the GDR are erstmal Cuban oranges with many nuclei,” said Thomas, “but at least oranges. They are ringing in the Christmas period. “Soon after the oranges there would be bananas. You had to make good with the grocer, then you couldthe whole family care. Especially if you lived in Berlin, had been) a duty (or the burden to supply the republic with relatives in the rest of tropical fruits (where they were not always on). The most important thing was to get Christmas gifts. You never knew what you would probably get. After Christmas was exchanged only once most of the gifts or as a real object of exchange for the desired object, such as used drill or freezer. It was also important enough Sparkling Red Riding Hood have already Christmas in the house, because they could not fill up until New Year’s stocks. Those who could afford to buy at Christmas West chocolate or alcohol in the expensive delicate good, the food-Exquisit or perhaps they had purchased a few forum checks into Intershop something good. Then the 24th December. The Christmas tree had to be decorated. This was mostly a challenge, especially were concerned, the tinsel. Tinsel was scarce. So they set about lovingly tinsel stocks from the previous yearuntangle and hang it on the new tree. Was done it was Christmas! Many of us looked forward to the Christmas pageant at church. Yes, even East Germans went Christmas in the Church. In the evening there was then mostly potato salad and sausages. And on Christmas Day, there was goose with red cabbage and (Thuringian dumplings when you cook it could). Matching to the cult show in the GDR television with Heinz Quermann and Margot Ebert, between breakfast and roast goose. The children were waiting for the obligatory fairytale with Father Frost and the witch Babajaga or “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” or Pierre Brice as Winnetou. Go to for a delicious meal that your mouth and pocket will enjoy On Boxing Day, the duck was my turn. All in all, Christmas was an extensive family and true Fressfest. So hungry is really not so. “There were always good days,” said Thomas, “and we had one thing there since the fall of the wall no more – we had a really peaceful festival, because no-one had to have his work scared.” “So children,” said Annette ,”But now we have to do with the ingredients for the tunnel, otherwise it is now no more, and Christmas is canceled!”