As most you know, the bicycle is one of the most used and most traded of all transport means. The great dream of every child is to have a bicycle. It helps us to play, learn about other places and develop our motor skills. Therefore, this transport is relevant in our lives, gives us comfort, health, and environmental well-being. This is how the State tries to encourage the use of this. And this is how Deputy articles 63 and 65 of the political Constitution of the Republic. 3Rd who are caring for the health and safety of persons, equality and democracy among the citizens, promoting and safeguarding the environment, between the functions of the State and that, in this sense, those means of human-powered transport, like the bicycle, which show greater efficiency in the use of road capacity and protection of the environment and which promote a greater civility and cooperation between users of railway networks They must be building and promotion by the State; 4Th which is highly suitable for the health and well-being of people and the planet, which the population migrate growing form of motorized vehicles, particularly of private, human as the bicycle and walk-powered media to solve an important part of their daily travel; 5th, that said, the movement of bicycles is being an alternative to the circulation of automobilesTherefore, should be stimulated by the State 8th that the bicycle is a means of economical transportation that allows users to save money on transportation, greater mobility, access more equitable and expeditious to public space and the assets of the city, produces integration, facilitates contact and communication between people, becoming an instrument that contributes to social cohesion and citizen security. Article 8. Definitions of some Conceptos1. Bicycle: is a device exclusively driven by human force, which consists of two or more aligned wheels, where a person can sit or mount on a seat.