Technology of Dental Implantation

Dental Implants – a new quality of life! Since ancient times, known to man's desire to replace lost teeth with various materials of animal, human and mineral origin. Does the ancient Civilization secret knowledge to enable them to carry out a successful operation? On the territory of Honduras, was found a fragment of mandible Inca (dated VI. BC), in place of 3-tooth implants are installed from the shells of sea mussels. Shantambre (France), found a skull woman who lived in I. BC, with a metal implant in the maxilla. Unfortunately, it is difficult to judge the success of these operations, as archaeological finds cause more problems for the majority of which has no Responses.

It is known that in the Middle Ages, and in modern times almost all the installation of implants fails – there is festering wound and graft rejection. And only with the introduction of Lord Joseph Lister concept of 'antisepsis' hope for the successful outcome of the operation. The first international experience tooth implantation was obtained only in 1965, thanks to the efforts of Professor Ingvar Branemarka. That Bronemark, first to establish the 4-th implant volunteer Gosta Larsen. Technology used Ingvar Bronemarkom, were initially rejected by the majority of maxillofacial surgeons.

Nevertheless, the first patient lived implantologist a full life, he implants served him in 1941 …. until his death. 1965 can be considered – a starting point for the development of a new branch of dentistry – implantology. What is an implant? Implant – is similar to the structure of the screw Titanium, which is implanted into the bone and acts as a support for the abutment (Abutment – a link between dental implants and attached it to dentures or other construction).