Contact Surfaces

With a standard sticky coating that is not viable, it requires special adhesives with increased order weight. The labels and adhesive tapes are also provided with an increased amount of adhesive. Adhesion at high and low temperatures are labels exposed to higher temperatures as it is the case E.g. on printed circuit boards, the adhesive may dissolve not and have no visual changes. A light coloring at very high temperatures can occur however and influenced the inability to use the marking. Additional information is available at AOL. In the field of low temperature applications, there are selected adhesive, which exhibit good adhesion forces despite immense cold effects. Please note however that the label not at the most possible minimum temperature can be glued.

In the brewes online shop you will find the recommended packaging adhesive temperatures. Adhesion to surfaces with light dirt, rust or corrosion coverings in principle should be any surface prior to the use of clean (we recommend the special cleaner > “M3 primer 83”) – certain glues can however certain amounts of dirt, oxidation residues, grease or moisture record, without losing its adhesion. Flat rate, no recommendation may be pronounced for difficult environments however. Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. Factors such as degree of oxidation, low or high energy underground or application environment play a particularly important role here. Some synthetic surfaces have high surface tension (low wetting) adhesion to low-energy surfaces. The adhesives are downright repelled by these surfaces. Special adhesive with modified resins wet this material better and thereby increase the substrate adhesion. Other special requirements on the label liability are: suitability for networked oil surfaces high chemical resistance to weather and UV resistance for outdoor use labels backing material and silicone layer as a substrate papers – or foil materials are used, on the contact page to the Fitted with a layer of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The medium is required to protect the labels, to store, to transport but also for further processing in printing and punching machines.