The disciplines involved in the investigation of political communication are many and varied. UNESCO has proposed a list of those disciplines that incorporate their research the field of communication, and this has been socially very grateful. Among the most important disciplines are:-Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry-Life Sciences-Economics-History-legal and political sciences, law-Ethics-Philosophy According to UNESCO, the communication is not directly in the major continents knowledge. The look for in the language (but not the term “communication”), or in Political Science (not found under “communication”). Finally, if we enter in the discipline Public Opinion, communication appears to information, mass media, press, propaganda. When did this classification there were terms that were relevant, but today, some obsolete.Are the mass media (which today would be better to appoint them as media industry, or what it designates as the press), which currently encompass all media (television, radio, newspapers, Internet. And on propaganda better call it advertising. The theme of the disciplines is very complicated when there are several involved in the study of a theoretical object, these disciplines never coexist in equality. Always weigh much, the power relations in trade between these disciplines . The UNESCO map shows us that political science and sociology heavy, and much, in policy research. To the extent that recently the field of communication as a discipline was considered a lesser scope in communication policy. Hence, if we dedicate ourselves to look for a bibliographic reference, check that the sociologists and political scientists have a very important role in political communication research.In this sense, the object of study of political communication, there are differences: a) Those who bet on the political communication of the conditions of media coverage of politics. b) Those who bet that is the study of communication tools of the media in the field of politics.