The Internships

TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSE IN ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT From this year the boys in the mode of Economics and Management Organizations PTT, corresponding to the 3rd Afternoon Shift B, are conducting Internships. They aim to develop whole areas of competence that the technical profile required in Organizational Management.To this end, we resort to public and private companies in the middle, to request authorization for our students can make their practices. Thus, from the month of May of the first quarter we have 19 interns from all 28 students in the division. The rest will do so in the same institutions, following the conclusion of the first group. Among the companies that opened their doors to us are: the “Municipality of Tafi Viejo” (areas Accounting, Human Resources, Revenue, Treasury and Secretary of the Mayor), Packing “Zam – Ci” Clothes Shop “La Casa de Mirta” , Accounting Offices: CPN CPN Mariana Saez and Luis Lopez, Bar del Colegio “Las chiks” Pharmacy “Karina”. Thank you very much!! To all of them for believing in our institution. Students in these companies are likely to participate in the process of: Monitor and negotiate the procurement of supplies Import study the market and promote products / services of the organization, conduct sales Schedule payments to vendors, operating in the financial system operate in the administration and staff development Log in the books. Teaching Lecturer: Prof. Patricia Medina Pettorossi Teachers Co-responsible: Prof. Prof. Moon and Mirtha Erika Spinelli