They consult its electronic mail, they accede to social networks to stay to the day with its friendly, look for information to make its workings daily, look for, they buy, they play and they know people. All tour around the search and use of the contents. If you have contents that facilitate the navigation of the people in your site, that is to say, that is not boring, the traffic of your vestibule will increase of natural way. It is important that you do something more than a simple argument of sale, you must demonstrate that you are the leader of your market, that you are an expert in your branch. You must educate people why it needs your product or service and the form in which it is going to improve its lives. And, mainly, it is necessary to give a sample them of your product they buy before it. An example.

If you sell a product that can be in video (how it works, etc), asegrate to have a series of videos in your site that show your visitors good and the efficient thing that it is your product. It even demonstrates to your knowledge of the subject with articles, information, presentations of audio and videos of conferences that you have given about which you sell. When gliding your content, ten in account how you go to present/display it in your site so that the people can use really it, who are easy to find and are available for movable navigation. Tomato the time necessary to plan your content, thus you will assure that your bills of sale have a better yield, than your list post office grows and that your site is in more places in Internet. It is not any surprise that the Web sites offer a great amount of content sweepings when than it treats is to sell. It throws a look to your site and thinks about how a new visitor could obtain a sample than you sell without having to buy your product.

Many Web sites, including mine, can use great contents. If you add contents to your Web, you will give better use him and you will return more profitable it in questions from money, because the return of its investment extends during years, since no piece of marketing can do what new contents can make to your Web site. The ideal is to add new contents regularly and to clear desactualizados contents or that no longer serve. When you do all this, you will have the strategy of more profitable marketing working for you 365 days, 24 hours and several years.