For Vygotsky

The analysis in relation to the basic paper of the family in the formation of this citizen will be made, as the school that will give the necessary instructions to it will have to proceed with these difficulties and the society in which the deaf person is inserted. One another point importantssimo that we will approach is the acquisition of the Brazilian Language of Signals? POUNDS for the construction of the language of the deaf person. The deaf person and the construction of the subject one When we speak in construction of the citizen, we cannot in forgetting them to them contributions Vygotsky, Piaget, Freud and Lacan concerning the psicanalticas characteristics and psychological human beings, in which it points a look between the individual and social plan, therefore, this happens, through the interpersonal relations. The child is born inserted in a social environment, that is its family where it finishes establishing the first social relations, cultural and lingusticas. Evaluating the trajectory of the deaf person for history we can observe that per many decades the deaf person was considered as deficient mental even though by its familiar ones, therefore, she did not obtain to communicate itself and nor to express its wills for a verbal language that, for many times for it did not have no direction. For Vygotsky (1926), the main difficulty in the construction of the language of the deaf child is that most of the time it is taken to the acquisition of one verbal language, without perceiving its basic direction and joints, being for most important it for the acquisition of the language is its speaks natural, that in the deaf person the verbal one is not summarized, pointing the question of deaf person one of most complex, therefore they do not develop the language in the same way of what the listeners. It is still verified, with much frequency, practical of education that they aim at to the production of one speaks that it little makes or no direction for the deaf people and makes that them to unfasten important hours in treinos that do not take to the learning of a language adjusted in this case.