Highly Effective Gold Cosmetics

Health and anti-aging cosmetics for the skin in a gold cosmetics is the latest trend, has a strong anti-wrinkle effect and is therefore very much in demand. For more information see Byron Trott. What makes Gold cosmetics cosmetics but so valuable anti-aging? Not only in traditional Chinese medicine, gold is estimated millennia as one of the most precious remedies also the important physician and Alchemist Paracelsus called the precious metal gold and praised its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. And also the current research proves: the antioxidant properties of gold inhibit the loss of collagen and elastin, rid the body of toxins and counteract the cellular aging very effectively. Anti aging pur! Gold cosmetics enabled the Chi, which compensates for the vital energy of the body, by the gold through the skin and the meridian system related blockages and tensions of cell in the body and increases. Gold has the same voltage as a healthy cell, and can integrate the 300 of its own weight in moisture. In energetically underserved areas, gold cosmetics acts like a superconductor, which overcomes blockades and again brings them the necessary energy to the affected area and reduces pain among other things.

The unity of body, mind and soul is thus restored. Gold is an ideal means of transport for the active ingredients of herbs disseminated with. The formerly very expensive gold cosmetics was established only for rich, Royal houses and kaiserhofe, as for example the famous beauty of women at the Chinese imperial court was based also on the blending of gold in the ointments and oils. What was at the time only a few, there are today at affordable prices that are barely higher than those of common cosmetics, which is not biologically. Today’s Gold cosmetics is not only very effective, but prepared with other completely natural and organically grown raw materials.

999 fine gold cosmetics from master Lin the 999 fine gold used by master Lin cosmetic series is pure and at the same time the finest recycled gold. It is the oldest cure of the world. The gold cosmetics from master Lin is made according to ancient secret alchemical tradition according to the recipes of the Chinese imperial court and is free of all heavy metals. The gold cosmetics series offers 100% natural products for the outer and inner beauty with fine gold particles in ointments, oils and powders. At the same time, these products are prepared according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), i.e. the Chi is specifically stimulated by special herbs and other ingredients and harmonizes the Yin-Yang relationship. Also a great contribution to health is provided by considering the five elements in TCM. The wonderful products of this highly effective gold cosmetics series you can buy in our beauty shop keep young and beautiful “under Look right in! With every purchase from a value of 150,-euro you expect many gifts and vouchers.