Indoor Tanning: Sunny Point Displayed In 4 X 3

To launch its 2009 communications, Point Soleil has chosen the principle of the 4×3 display in all areas where it operates. 1651 sides were reserved for the first 15 days of February, including 230 in Paris intra-muros and 58 on the Paris ring road. To create the visual concept, the agency Aluminum chose offbeat style – regularly used by the brand of tanning centers – and resumes his account of the recommendation “Sunny Point, drink in moderation.” The entire communication Sunny Point in 2009 will then declined around this theme with six specific visual. Speaking to a wider audience, Point Soleil wants to drain a new clientele in its centers. If his regular customers will recognize themselves in the humorous style of the poster, the others will be sensitive to its “anti-gloom” and could, too, adhere to the fact that “tanned, it is decidedly different” messagethat will carry the brand. About Point Sun: Sunny Point is the first French network of tanning centers with over 120 centers. The sign is also present in Belgium. Her experience, commitment to quality, safety and hygiene positioned as the undisputed leader in indoor tanning. Over 8 million French, 45% of men are regularly UV and Sun Point network hosts up to 9,000 customers daily. Point Soleil said that the radiation of UV tanning equipment can affect the skin and eyes. These biological effects depend on the nature and intensity of radiation, and the sensitivity of the skin of individuals. PRESS CONTACT Infinity Communication Adeline SOLOWY: Agnes HEUDRON: Tel.: 01 30 80 09 09 – Fax: 01 30 80 09 29 . Point Soleil (head office) 15 rue de Turbigo –75002 Paris Tel. : 01 55 42 01 31 About the author: Created in 1991, Infiniti is specializing in press relations of franchise systems and associated businesses. The news network is relayed to the site who addressed the press and general public