Institution Knowledge

At the current moment later five year acting in the faculty of the institution, I came to perceive that the importance of the use of the new technologies, the use of the computer, and of as this instrument contributed for essesindivduos with intellectual deficit so that they found a bigger stimulaton in its day the day, therefore, many results had been gotten inside of this profile of learning. With the evolution of the planning and the application of projects directed to the education process and learning of the clientele, many young had acquired a gamma of knowledge, intelligence capable to serve of foundation for an independent construction of the knowledge. Exactly being inside of the area of education and for the simple fact to coexist in my day the day these individuals intellectual deficit, I saw me excited to dive inside in the world of this learning of the psicopedaggico context, therefore, it has one year more or less and way, I felt the necessity to come back my look toward the psicopedagogia where through it I obtained explanations for these mine internal questionings on this clientele and also on acquisition of the knowledge, learning, language, of the individual inside of the context learning. The vertiginous increase of the technologies of the communication and information still more stimulates the process of mannering change in Brazil and in the world, this happens because all the involved ones with these, have that to adapt they to be established in the market and/or the life in a general way. Based in this, it is that with all these changes, the valuation of the knowledge is still more necessary. Therefore the new technologies produce tools that assist in the organization and dissemination of the knowledge. The concern with the existence of the new technologies generates a study where it shows as they always contribute for the course of a society in transistion.