Linux-VServer is an implementation of virtual private server by adding virtualization capabilities in the field of operating systems and distributed as open source software, GPL-licensed.
The project was initiated by Jacques Gelinas. It is now held by Austrian Herbert Potzl and not related to the Linux Virtual Server project, which implements network load balancing.
Linux-VServer is a cage in which you can safely use the resources of a computer system (such as file system, CPU time, memory and network address) in such a way that processes can not perform a denial of service attack on something which, outside of its partition.
Each partition is assigned a security context, and the system that is virtualized within the virtual private server. Provides a utility-style chroot to descend to the security contexts. The contexts themselves are sturdy enough to start many unmodified Linux distributions, including Debian and Fedora Core.
The virtual private servers are commonly used in web hosting services, which are handy for segregating customers’ accounts, pooling resources and contain any potential security breach.
The Linux-Vserver is not included in the main series of the core. Linux-VServer 2.0, the stable version until September 2005, there is a patch for kernel 2.6. It also provided a patch for the 2.4 series.
Linux-VServer is conceptually similar to the Solaris Containers (including insulation technology Solaris Zones), or FreeBSD Jail or OpenVZ.

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