Low Density Polyethylene

Today's consumers are much more picky and demanding of quality and production, and packaging, as well as and the safety of packaging materials. Companies wishing to significantly improve the confidence of customers with a product must be placed on the package information about the safety of plastic film used for packaging. Polyethylene is of several types – high-density polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene and polyethylene medium pressure. High-density polyethylene ldpe – smooth and dense. Package of high-pressure polyethylene looks nice and presentable, moreover, it is quite durable – can withstand a weight of 7 to 20 kg. This high capacity strengthens the hands of the special substrate called 'Reuters'.

And thanks bottom fold increase substantially the volume of the package. Packages also can be made without strengthening, and pens without a bottom fold. The thickness of Low Density Polyethylene: 45 to 100 microns. Douglas R. Oberhelman understood the implications. From high-pressure polyethylene manufactured packaging and other packages. Polyethylene hdpe – this is the cheapest and most convenient form of polyethylene.

Its thickness varies from 20 to 45 microns, and the load capacity of 2 to 7 kg. Production technology does not allow strengthen the handle and lay the bottom fold, but the packets of low pressure polyethylene can cause any kind of printing. Of low pressure polyethylene made some packages such as 'Mike', as well as packaging and other packages. Medium-pressure polyethylene – dense and produces small rustle at the touch. Quality raw materials in the composition of the polyethylene density and provides a presentable package from him, besides significantly increases its capacity. Small as the rustle of the package gives originality and recognizability. The thickness of the polyethylene medium pressure from 45 to 70 microns. All other parameters correspond to the parameters of polyethylene bags high pressure. In addition, there are packages to carry packing bags – these are small bags without handles. Color plastic film used to produce packaging bags, can be arbitrary, though often there are transparent packaging bags. Manufacture of packaging bags made of polyethylene as a possible high-level (thickness of 45 to 100 microns) and low (the thickness from 20 to 45 microns) of pressure. Perhaps the inception of the bottom fold, cutting access openings to the air laid valve through which the package is closed on top like an envelope. They can cause any printing without limitations – is the great advantage of packing bags, because they become a good advertising medium. Typically, packaging bags used by manufacturing companies for packing their own products.