Mexican Policy

The policy in Mexico is a mess! Taxco Guerrero March 10, 2010. By: Jose Alberto Salgado Betanzos. Isearch wanted to know more. The public indifference, ignorance and fanaticism among other factors have led to the infamous PRI remains in power plunging the country, making Mexico one of the ignorant people in the most severe poverty, both economic and even intellectual and spiritual test for this is that it has been more than 80 years that have looted the country with impunity, as could be, and a few thousands of lawyers and Mexican professionals are not his legal and intellectual capacity to stop these “narco-political” have prostituted all institutions and government agencies and even NGOs, the army itself has not been spared its terrible machinations and perversions, corrupt Mexican political parties using them at will to pretend that there is electoral competition, displaying only their misery, of course they are the domes of the parties that are extras PRI does not generalize to all supporters of militancy and besides daily wasted huge sums of money on pure personality cult, buying media and journalists who are full-time to influence people in favor of the PRI, hiding their covenants with the crime and organized crime and other consultations in the shadows. In the latter, currently being discussed in the various media on a “covenant not PAN alliances with childish” by the PRI and his “pawns” of communication, where many analysts, journalists and opinion lidercillos “tear vestments putting the fuss “shocked considering it inconsistent, unfair, perverted and other epithets.. Source: Neil Rubler.