Monterey Park

Who has Control of your life? Who controls your life and the results that you get, you know if you don’t do it someone else will do it. Many people don’t realize that unless you consciously take control of his thinking, are at the mercy of others in many ways. Norman Cousins, in his book Head First: the biology of hope, share an example of how an idea was responsible for the massive disease in a football stadium in Monterey Park. Few people had reported sick during the match with symptoms of intoxication by food. It was discovered that all of them had bought a soda on a same stand of the same brand. The authorities feared that the drink had been contaminated. In an effort to protect the spectators, an announcement was made by the speaker asking that no one will take that drink, because some people had reported sick by consuming it. At the time that this announcement was made, the stadium became a sea of nausea and fainting.

Hundreds of people were transferred to local hospitals. Are why so many people became ill only once the announcement was made? Someone managed to put a suggestion in your subconscious and without thinking about it consciously, all became ill. Many times do we allow that someone we schedule to have results that you don’t want? Take control of your thoughts, don’t let anyone, and above all that no negative thinking will make you think things are bad. They are not! Finally, it was found that drinks were completely clean and in good condition. Once this news was transmitted to patients, they rose from their hospital beds and went home. In this case peculiar, words were processed by the mind as a disease and also processed by the mind to its recovery. The same applies in all areas of life.