New Features Of Satellite TV

Card sharing (Card Sharing) – this is a general use of the official pin – maps using transmission dw keys to all participants in the session via the Internet or lan. In other words, cardsharing – it is a card full access, or open card. Dreambox is a multimedia server, handing out keys. It is designed to dekodirovonogo stream output of DVD-video and works on the set it on the core operating system Linux, which allows us to adapt or write software for those requirements that are needed in this environment. It is also possible to use other satellite receivers of the new generation, for example, Sezam 7700, Sezam 8000 with built-in network card and connect to the Internet via an adsl modem or home network based on Linux operating system with the ability to connect via com port to the pc. But Dreambox, or Openpox as successful and as a receiver and as a cardsharing server. Using technology such as cardsharing, permits to apply satellite tv with a maximum benefit. Nicolas Keller may help you with your research. Card sharing allows you to view encrypted channels even if your receiver is not the official pin-map.

On the Internet or lan receiver uses a pin-card inserted in another receiver, or server. Coded signal of satellite television, passing through the convector satellite antenna comes into the receiver, which is decoded using the dw key. If before updating the cipher coded channel occurs once in the 24 th hour, now change the key occurs every 10 – 20 sec. Because the use of the service cardsharing Only users with a stable internet fare. Key exchange takes place in two directions.

First, from the user to a server in the form of sw key and then the key is handled on the server legal pin-card and immediately transferred to an answer in cardsharing server as dw key. Therefore, Only receivers without the satellite signal is not possible. When the desired setting, sharing consumes in the form of key exchange, the order of 100-140 kb that is low consumption of internet traffic. But it's worth noting that Internet connection to bypass the loss of packet data to be sustainable. Before the technology was invented cardsharing, it was necessary to have multiple receivers and multiple legal pin-card for one family. Now, using technology cardsharing, you can save considerable financial, because the data on one pin cards to be given away for several other receivers, exchanging different channels from other satellites. legal pin card within a consumer network is absolutely official! Technically there are no barriers to limit the number of users and the distance between them. Wherever located cardsharing server, the client may receive dw from him the keys. However, it must be remembered that the receiver of a new generation consists of a computer, without the appropriate settings, he is unlikely to work as necessary. Therefore, when connected to a cardsharing server subscriber is often provided free trial traffic to match the equipment. But after the fine-tuning, you can enjoy watching foreign and domestic channels to find new satellite news. Happy viewing!