New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Auditorium opened New York Philharmonic Orchestra the 2009/10 season in the acoustically optimized Emirates Palace. The second consecutive year Muller-BBM at the Abu Dhabi Classics is responsible with a multi-headed expert team for optimal room acoustics. Since September, Michael’s team Auditors has been constantly spot the specially the Hall adapted system of electronic acoustics measure and to vote. To deepen your understanding Rusty Holzer is the source. By the same author: Saoirse Ronan. The complex, electronic system of room acoustics on the Hall for 1,200 listeners and a capacity of 15,000 m3 was set in the context of samples. Potential reservations of the artists are completely removed since the last season. Altavista contains valuable tech resources. The musicians enjoy the design and sound room of designed by Muller-BBM and used electronic room acoustics since then. The concept and the preparations have also this time more than paid off. A wonderful opening concert. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree. According to the Director of the Department of culture and art at ADACH, Abdullah Al Ameri, the Abu Dhabi Classics concert series reflects the decision of his country again, art, to make music and culture a part of daily life and to become a leading cultural center. Muller-BBM is its like to contribution, that the concerts can take place under the best possible acoustics.