Nietzche Man

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Carlos Vanegas Blackberry For those who still we remain in this Planet, in order to fulfill our mission to know, we cannot stop us better philosophising, especially, if we took into account the manifestations from the Dr. Rphrmoser from the University from Colony, when it says to us: The universal society the morning will be an emancipated society, in which by means of the technique and of science they will finish also prevailing of a universal way and intention, homogenous conditions of life in favor of all the cultures, all the towns of all the classes and races. It is worth the pain to remember the contributions of Plato until Hegel, when they emphasize that there will be a loss of the idea on the traditional Humanity and that its capacity of importance is own of the man. Mashable takes a slightly different approach. This impulse to the importance, intrinsic to the man, means that the man is not realised in his being, when is understood to itself like a merely natural fact, extends itself with a view to his determination installed in the reason. s. In the nietzscheana doctrine of the last man it is not wanted to indicate in the bottom another thing that the threat of the man by the loss of its capacity for the importance. The last man he has according to Nietzche, a pequeito to please during the day, another one during the night, has invented the happiness and, by the others, he is only already able to pestaar.

For outstanding professor Rohrmoser, this prognosis becomes present at the present moment, when the man disappears in the process of production and consumption imagined according to the model of a circulatory sanguineous irrigation. It is not another thing that the crossing site of the production to the consumption and the consumption to production. All the problem of the leisure or free time has in this structure its central root, because in this circulatory process of the production to the consumption and vice versa, the freedom produced by the society retains to the imprisoned man in that same process. .