In the central ecological zone, which is complex, prohibited 'the production of pulp, paper, cardboard and goods made of them without the use of drainage water management systems for production needs. " Later media reports that bppm altogether stopped work until October 10 due to lack of raw materials for production of viscose pulp. On the eve of Director pr pbl 'Continental Management' (controls 51% of plant), Oksana Gorlova reported that bppm in connection with the launch of a closed water circulation system, to which he dumped raw sewage into the lake, was forced to cease production of bleached pulp – cost-effective product, the issue of which covered the losses from the production of unbleached pulp. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Its production ceased on August 28, due to the fact that rejected the use of chlorine production. Renowned environmentalists Mitvol, who a year ago, advocated the re-profiling of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill, said that the launch of closed water with the cessation of production of bleached pulp will shutdown and bankruptcy of enterprises. Oleg L. Without hesitation explained all about the problem.

noted that the plant stop for him is 'the best birthday present' he said yesterday. The World Bank published a report on environmental activities in Russia last week the World Bank issued a report, a study on environmental management in Russia. Thus, the report states that the cars remain the primary source of air pollution in Russia, far exceeding the number of cities in the levels of harmful emissions from industrial plants. Its share (Road Transport) account for about 42% of total emissions in Russia pollutants in the atmosphere and 94,5% – from the transport sector.