This can happen because the small intestine cannot absorb the iron as a result of a bowel disorder such as disease celiac or Crohn’s disease. If the small intestine has been removed surgically or certain medications such acido-moldes of the stomach can also cause iron deficiency. * Pregnancy many pregnant women suffer from iron deficiency because your body needs to provide iron to the unborn child as well as his own increasing volume of blood help for the treatment of iron deficiency iron deficiency depends on the underlying cause and diagnosis. Iron supplement tablets are prescribed and must generally be taken for several months for optimum effect and increase the iron levels in the body. Most people feel better within days after taking tablets. However, some people may not be able to absorb easily iron in tablets.

If tablets do not suit you, your doctor can give you an injection of iron. In the case that an iron deficiency is severe, a blood transfusion may be needed. The adjustment of your diet incorporating foods high in iron can also make a significant difference to their iron stores. Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies can help provide a platform for the absorption of iron in the body. The homeopathic ingredients work at a cellular level, and are safe to use for all ages, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ferrum phosphoricum, calcareous sponge phosphorica and Ferrum metallicum support the process of absorption of iron in all systems of the body and the transport of oxygen around the body and help maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin.