The term prehistory (Greek” ‘ before and”””’ history) designates the brand period of time since the appearance of the first human being until the invention of writing, over 5,000 years ago (approximately in the year 3000 BC) or, as other authors, the appearance of the state. “Importantly, according to new interpretations of historical science, prehistory is a term devoid of real significance in that it was understood for generations. If one considers the history, taking the definition of Marc Bloch, and human events in time, all history there is the human being, and prehistory could, forcibly, only understood as the study of living beings before the appearance of the first hominid on earth. From the chronological point of view, its boundaries are far from clear, since neither the appearance of humans or the invention of writing taking place simultaneously in all areas of the planet.
Moreover, some embrace a definition of this phase or at least its separation of Ancient History, by economic and social criteria rather than chronological, as these are more particularized (ie more ideographic) and those , more widespread and therefore more likely to provide a scientific view.
In that sense, the end of prehistory and the beginning of history it would mark an increasing structuring of society (habitat modification, agglomeration, socialization advanced ranking, administrative power, advanced economy, currency, trade ‘especially long away ‘, etc.).
Prehistory, History and Archeology
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From the more traditional point of view, it is considered that prehistory is a scientific specialty that studies, through excavation, data from this period of history that preceded the invention of writing and where the archaeological remains are our main source of information. The rest comes from ancillary disciplines as ethnography, paleoanthropology, nuclear physics to perform absolute dating, the analysis by mass spectrometer lithic components, ceramic or metal, geomorphology, soil science, taphonomy, the trazalogia for traces of use , paleontology, paleobotany, the nonparametric statistics, surveying and technical drawing, among many other sciences and techniques. So there are a large number of people who consider the prehistory a specialty in history, only much more highly trained and multidisciplinary.
Anyway, the basic methodology for data collection in Prehistory is, obviously, so Arqueologia until recently Prehistory and Archeology were constantly confused. While in the academic field of continental Europe Prehistory is a specialty of history, it has become customary Prehistory departments within the faculties of History and is also normal for the financing of research carried out by institutions humanistic orientation or the state administration itself. In contrast, in America and the British Isles from prehistory is being subject to the business Archeology (processual archeology), which, in turn, often viewed as a subdiscipline of anthropology whose scope, in any case is not restricted to the stages preliterate of history, but any time past, even very recent. Moreover, the organization of the departments of Archeology is usually different from the Anglo-Saxons often associated with the natural sciences, including our own laboratories and associated system of financing agencies focused on the natural sciences (in the U.S., for example, “National Science Foundation “and in Britain the Natural Environment Research Council) or more related foundations private sector .
Moreover we have the later stages of prehistory: Protohistory, nesting periods without writing some parts of contemporary historical culture whose written sources give us an additional information on these primitive peoples. In any case, the definition or the concept is rather limited little use beyond Europe. Proto-historic cultures are included in both the study of prehistory and in the first moments of ancient history.
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Prehistory in africa
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North africa
Mediterranean Africa has, during the Stone Age, a periodization equivalent to European Palaeolithic and Neolithic.