The different signs of aging skin (thinning of the skin, loss of collagen, disorganization of the fibers of elastin, dehydration, flaccidity and wrinkles), appear because fibroblasts growth factor manufacturing reduced. From the above, if we aportaramos growth factor, he would return to stimulate fibroblasts. These growth factors are found in great quantity in our blood platelets. You can then improve the skin of the face using injections of plasma rich platelets, extracted from the blood of the patient, isolating the growth factors and injecting them in the face by Mesotherapy. Will resume in this way the remodeling and cell regeneration that leads to facial rejuvenation. It is a treatment of easy application. Side effects or allergic reactions, there has been since platelets are extracted from the patient’s own blood. Procedure: Is extracted a blood sample, which is spun and prepared by a specialist in haemotherapy, in view of the patient.

Plasma rich platelets that applies in intradermal form, in a session of Mesotherapy facial is achieved. The remnant of the plasma rich in nutritious substances, applies in the form of mask. Recommended when two (2) applications per year, one every 6 months, although some therapists suggest applying this treatment every 3 months. It is advisable to combine the treatment with diamon peel, mesolif with precursors (acid hyaluronic, glycosaminoglycans), to reconstitute the extracellular matrix, moisturisers, antioxidants, spot treatments and Mesotherapy with vitamins A, and C, acid alpha lipoic, Coenzyme Q10, zinc and selenium. Effects: Manages to stop the aging process, restore the normal functioning of the skin promoting an important cellular regeneration. The result is a skin younger, luminous and lush, with better texture and flaccidity reduction and attenuation of fine wrinkles. DRA.