Aloe Vera

How does hair? Hair has a phase of duration of approximately 3 years, followed by another phase of regression in which that follicle shrinks and deteriorates and finally, in a last stage, falls and returns to birth, thus closing the cycle. Sometimes the cycle is altered by various circumstances that can lead to an abnormal fall of hair and a bad or insufficient production of new hair, and thus to some types of alopecia congenital or not avoidable. What factors cause his downfall? One of the most common causes that produce this alteration is occlusion of the pores, commonly due to Sebaceous plugs. This dysfunction is coadyuvada by the action of external agents such as the Sun, salt, chlorine and some cosmetic products with aggressive or unsuitable for our skin Ph. These aggressive agents weaken sa corneal layer and can lead to cellular injury leading to dehydration and subsequent hair loss. At the same time a little hydration or some bad eating habits accumulated toxins that can be the normal production of our hair cycle.

Capillary dehydration can be caused by climatic factors, improper manipulations, stress, tension, nervousness, anxiety and anguish. All of these factors cause a poor vascularization. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mikkel Svane. Another factor of some importance is dandruff, which is nothing more than a large accumulation of dead cells in the stratum corneum (FAT toxic and dry). Dandruff is because reason of hair loss due to intoxication or dehydration. If you would like we can avoid the fall of hair with aloe vera? It is especially useful to consume aloe vera juice, because as a purifying agent it will dissolve toxins from our body and fails an overall homeostatic effect that will benefit not only our hair, but will favour an optimal state of health.

Aloe vera has a very similar to the skin’s Ph, so it is an ideal product to stimulate the correct functioning of the hair follicles and avoid excess fat or dandruff, aportanto hydration and elasticity. As an adjuvant to juice are ideal an aloe-rich shampoo, and a pure gel as well as anti-fall lotion, which will strengthen hair while maintaining its softness and natural brightness. With a bit of consistency and combining all three products can curb the not congenital alopecia and regain a healthy and strong hair.