Inner Cities

The inner cities are constantly similar, concerned sectors and brands offers. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. Heilbronn/Leingarten, July 25, 2012: An attractive presentation of goods means a request to creativity and imagination again. The inner cities are constantly similar, concerned sectors and brands offers. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to differentiate themselves from the competition and to attract positive attention for the retail industry. The Dekoaufbauten of Heinrich Woerner GmbH is a variably usable variety of presenters of different shapes and materials available.

A completely perfect and attractive presentation of goods to succeed in the shop window as well as in the sales room. Building sets made of painted wood can be flexibly stacked or mesh stack and are also available as a Wandprasenter. Get airy wire and variable table bodies as well as tables and boxes made of acrylic, as well as cubes, columns or Baroque tables. The capital, in the antique look is completely new in the assortment. The presence of the goods Gets a Baroque-looking note with the surface made of wood and the metal or stone look. Matching covered Baroque chairs are offered with velvet or leatherette.

This greatly expanded global & fair”- range scores with attractive elements made of natural wood, with wood grain or in antique finish. The four-part, mesh plug-in superstructures made of natural wood are an absolutely clever novelty. They give the impression that they would hover over each other, but together have a secure fit. The be glued with wood panels or with synthetic fur-covered wooden stools are also new and very exclusive. An unusual eye-catcher and certainly an unusual kind of presentation of the goods. All purpose chests made of wood are repeatedly used and very popular in all industries, indestructible, with traces of use and extremely practical as means of transport and at the same time exhibit. Wooden wheelbarrows or wine boxes that are newly recorded in the range that convince through Practicality and originality. The trend is also the factory style, which is reminiscent of old times and with rusty-looking metal barrels and containers boxes reaps some unbelieving look. Of course, these items only on old trimmed and were made newly. Travel accessories offer special decoration and presentation such as trunks, luggage sets, or chest table. A loosely draped scarf open drawers that belt or lingerie look out over a chest or an open case with looking out garments seem like setting out on a journey: a very creative way of goods exhibition. Even an original Hotel Luggage trolley was included in the offer. Combined with real cases of nostalgia, the historical scenery is perfect! Illuminated bodies act as a stage for your product range. Use the CUBUS lighting object”illuminated from the inside, stackable cubes, put your products perfectly in scene. Ideal for darker corners in showrooms or increasing attention of the storefront in the winter months. Get an impression of of the extensive range of Dekoaufbauten in the new catalogue autumn/Christmas 2012 of Heinrich Woerner GmbH. On the Internet you will find the offers under. If you need an advice, then please contact us.