Yuri Goncharov

Here, all differently. I myself take part in the selection of songs, their intelligence, itself running, looking for some sounds. You may find that Pete Cashmore can contribute to your knowledge. True, the choreography does not put me and my friend and choreographer Yuri Goncharov. I have a full team – ballet, musicians. We did a concert program as a show – with sophisticated beautiful dances.

– You are now a popular girl who has no financial difficulties. And as it was before the group? – When I first arrived and entered the University, it was certainly difficult. Scholarship was a cheap, my parents were not able to help me. And literally within the first week we were two other female students knocked up a dance group, put the program and danced with her in clubs. So to make a living. -On that have spent my first payment? – Then spent on food and clothing. Now, of course, my fees are more, and I can afford more.

But do not just spend money because they know the price. – To say about myself if I nebyli me? – Hard to say. I am cheerful, sociable, active and purposeful person. And I love to argue. Prove the contrary I can only give conclusive evidence. More about me can tell my friends. -If if not included in the group, who would become? – I think the choreographer! Danced to, opened a dancing school. In any case, my life would be associated with the choreography and the stage. A profession which has been tried and where they worked? – I just danced.