Mexican Organization

Unlike what many believe, health is defined as the full welfare state so much physical as mental and not as the absence of infections or diseases. Health corresponds to the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of an organism both at the cellular level and social level, covering all aspects of an individual plays. Mexico health care, creates the body of the Ministry of health. Continue to learn more with: Mikkel Svane. The Secretariat of health of Mexico is a Secretary of State who is at the service of all Mexicans and who is in charge of various functions in order to support multiple programs of health services. It also seeks to contribute to human development just to be inclusive and sustainable through the promotion of health as a shared social objective and universal access to comprehensive services and high quality that meet the needs and expectations of the population. Mexico as a country, aspires to have a sustainable human development and equal opportunities and this will be accomplished according to the Secretariat of Health, by a good level of health that allows each individual the opportunity to develop their abilities to the fullest..