Implement Universal Logic

When studying languages, we find many words Universal, which in turn are tranparent between different languages. Among our language and the German language is often found with such terms. To learn German, the extra help available to us is the vocabulary, we have many substantive Universal coming mostly from Greek and Latin. This phenomenon we have to turn it into advantage for us. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. For example, if a German text we find the word Mathematik, automatically know that it is a totally universal, as well as transparency of the term speaks for itself. As German is Mathematik, in English and French is mathematics is mathematics. With respect to the verbs the same phenomenon, adding many cases of transparency in the English language.

I'm sure any of us have some knowledge of this language, basic, intermediate technical. Probably the words were familiar beginnen, helfen, kommen, probieren, enden, singen, informieren, finden, all German verbs. So, why fear the language, if we have half vocabulary learned. " And even more if you have studied Latin, and we like the declines, we have to declare victory over Germany. For that reason is I want to encourage people who have a desire and willingness to learn German, and never dared to study it. Today we have an unbeatable advantage for self-study, to obtain and transmit information, experience, knowledge, etc. Internet allows us to live with learning opportunities, business, social, loving, etc. S use it to take advantage of the hours devoted to the study. I leave you a link to my website, where you can find resources, information, experience and tools on his own. I wish you well and a very good start to learning. Juan Paulo Castillo Altamirano CEO