Electrical Technical Guitar

The electric guitar is characterized by a myriad of different techniques that you can apply when it comes to playing the instrument, great guitarists constantly explore new ways of playing to achieve new sounds, effects etc. One of these important ways of playing the guitar is the technique of tapping, which consists of playing notes with the right hand middle finger (primarily) directly on the note that you want to sound, i.e., the sound of the note is produced by a blow that we give the finger medium directly on the arm of the guitar and the fret of the note that you want to play. For the first exercise get tapping with your middle finger on the 12th fret of the third string and immediately after through a pull-off to play a rope into the air, now sees doing a hammer with your left hand first on fret 2, then repeat the same procedure, sees only changing the notes that you play with your left hand (after the 2nd fret up the room(, then on the 5th and finally on the 7th fret). This is just one way in which you can start working with This technique, the combinations you can do are endless!, little by little anger discovering new ways of doing the tapping, and through practice you can incorporate this technique to your way of playing. Remember: all the notes occur either through a blow (hammer), or a tug of the finger (pull off). as you may have noticed the coordination between both hands plays a very important role so it is first necessary to practice at a slow speed and gradually sees climbing speed, the result will surprise you.